About Us


The Curtis High School Association of Alumni and Friends (CHSAAF) was established in 1984 and has had three major priorities:

    • to preserve the history of Curtis High School
    • to support the school in achieving its objectives
    • to stand as an example for future generations of alumni by assisting whenever possible in ongoing school activities

Graduates of Curtis High School as well as friends of graduates are encouraged to join the association which is indeed a social one, but also a determined outfit set on carrying out its missions listed above.

See a list of our Board of Directors.

Our History

In 1979, the school celebrated its 75th Anniversary Jubilee. It was during this event that a group of alumni formed bonds with one another and would later become the nucleus of this association. The Borough President had even issued a proclamation in honor of the anniversary. Had it not been for the Curtis PTA researching the locations of these lost alumni, the association may never have been established five years later.

For over 31 years the Association has been a friend to Curtis High School, helping in many areas of need by funding where the now defunct Board of Education did not. Each year a class banner is presented to the incoming freshman class for use during their four years as students. It also presents 4 alumni achievement awards to members of the graduating class and recognizes student achievements by presenting memorial awards named for distinguished Curtis alumni, at the annual Awards Assembly. The Association lends a personal hand whenever possible.

In 2000, an Alumni Hall of Fame was established to honor distinguished graduates of our alma mater. The induction ceremony takes place in the school’s Feldman Hall in the Spring of each year. To date, we have inducted 110 graduates into the CHSAAF Hall of Fame.

Our List of Accomplishments

Our List of Scholarships

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