Terry Crowley

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Terry Crowley
Born: February 16, 1947

Terrence Michael Crowley is a former Major League Baseball player who serves as an organizational hitting instructor for the Baltimore Orioles.

Crowley attended Curtis High School, and then, Long Island University, Brooklyn Campus, before being drafted by the Orioles in 1966.

Crowley played for the Orioles from 1969 to 1973 and in 1976–82. He was a backup player that could play the outfield and first base. When the designated hitter rule was implemented, he was the first Oriole to fulfill this role. However, he was best known during his playing career for being a pinch hitter. As of the end of 2008, Crowley's 108 career pinch-hits is still the 13th-most all-time, tied with Denny Walling.

Crowley has served as the hitting coach for the Baltimore Orioles from 1985 through 1988, the Minnesota Twins from 1991 through 1998, and the Baltimore Orioles from 1999 through 2010. Crowley served as a roving hitting instructor in the Orioles organization in 2011.[1] He was an interim bullpen coach in 2011, following Mark Connor's resignation and the subsequent promotion of bullpen coach Rick Adair.[2] In 2014, Crowley worked with Oriole Chris Davis on his hitting.